The Systematic Study And Application Of Knowledge About How Individuals And Groups Act Within The Organization

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OL-500 Chapter One

+Organizational Behavior- The systematic study and application of knowledge about how individuals and groups act within the organization where they work Matters at three levels (levels of analysis): individual, group (employers) and organizational
+journaling- the process of writing out thoughts and emotions on a regular basis
+visual learner- one whip processes information most effectively by looking at words and diagrams
+auditory Learner-one who process information most effectively by listening or talking
+kinesthetic leaner- one who process information most effectively by actively engaging with the material
+hypotheses- tentative guesses or hunches for an expected observation, phenomenon or scientific problem that can be tested
+variables- entities that can take on different values
+Surveys- research tools used to explicit respondents reactions to specific questions
+field study-research conducted in actual organizationions. They may include observation, interviews, surveys or experiment
+experimental design-a study having a group that receives a treatment and a comparison group that no treatment
+control group- a group that does not receive any experimental manipulation so it be compared to a treatment group
+treatment group- a group that receives experimental manipulation
+lab study- research conducted under controlled conditions and may include observation, interviews, surveys or experiments
+case studies-in –dept descriptions of a single industry or company
+generalizability- The likelihood that findings in a given study would be found in another setting or study
+meta-analysis-the process of summarizing research findings from studies on related topics
+reliability-the consistency of measurement
+validity-the truth of the measurement
+correlation-measures the strength of the relationship between two variables
+causation-the act of making something happen
+datum- the term that refers to a single observation
+data-the term used to describe multiple observations and is always plural (as if you were using the word numbers)
+employee engagement-a person who is fully involved in and enthusiastic abput their work endaged
+triple bottom line- evalulating organizations against three performance criteria including economic, social, and environmental viability
+sustainable business practices-practices that meet the current needs of businesses without