Organizational Behavior group project Essay

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Due on Friday, 5/22.
Your 10 minute presentation should include the following:
1.Brief Description of the Organization
Mariah ­
Tabletop gaming is a growing industry despite the presence of the internet and virtual games. In fact, more mass player strategy games try to emulate the core game atmosphere found in table games.
Such games are distributed to the four major markets in which to sell: mass market, hobby games, American
Specialty games, and European games. Each of the four major markets of these games view and play games differently based on their perceived gaming culture. Producers and retailers often cater games specifically for the culture they intend to target. For example, the hobby gamer culture is comprised of predominately male teens, who prefer more complex games they can play religiously every week. Therefore trading card games and role­playing games are sold to this market, with hobby shops being the main retailer. My Mom’s Basement happens to be a hobby shop, as stated by the owner and based on the hobby
­gamer atmosphere.
2.Ethical Analysis
a.Describe how the organization is proactive in being socially responsible. What kind of success it is having? How is the company addressing diversity? Are there any programs?
Carissa­ All proceeds from the “swear jar” go to the local chapter of Scottish Rite Speech Therapy
Max ­ Active in building an environment where people from the community can gather and play games. Supports friendliness, fairness, and openness. A main value is being open and accepting of all who want to participate in events and activities in the shop, and supporting people new to the community. Wants to bring the community to the store, and spread the “idea” of the store, so that it can build a large, close­knit, and open community. Also, “family friendly” environment, kids and parents welcome.
b.What are the organizational problems? If the organization is in crisis or scandal, describe the crisis or scandal. What is the impact on the organization and the business environment?
Max ­ Being the only paid employee, there are many unique problems, along with ones specific to the type of business. Michael has to run and keep track of everything himself, which can be difficult. Working with large suppliers can be difficult, because he doesn’t always know what to purchase. The inventory he brings in is based almost solely on his customers,and what they want, which isn’t always 100% clear. Being a mediator between the big suppliers and local customers is difficult. If the companies that make his merchandise are pushing a new product, there could be conflict over whether or not he should purchase it if local customers aren’t interested. This could later affect the “allotment” of products he is given from these companies down the road.

3.Organizational Programs –What makes this organization interesting internally? Apply the course concepts to your organization.
a.What motivational theories apply and what employee satisfaction activities or programs does the company use? Provide brief descriptions of two programs.
Carissa­Equity Theory could apply here, the book explains it as fairness and justice in social exchange, in support of a give­and­take relationship.
Max ­ It has an almost entirely external focus. Just about everything the business does or changes is based on what the local customers want. This ranges from what merchandise is stocked, what games are played, and what events are put on.
b.What type of internal communication activities does the organization use? Are they effective? Carissa­ Michael stated in our interview that his customer base is largely dependent on word of mouth from his repeat customers.
Carissa­The one form of internal communication I noticed was the board behind the front desk that displayed the schedule of games for that week.
Max ­ Also, when it comes to his