Organizational Behavior In Criminal Justice

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Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior
In criminal justice today there is a largely diverse group of personal that defends what is perceived as right and just. With this multitude of personalities, cultures, and ethics there must be a successful plan of operations and procedures. This is true for the nation’s correctional departments that house the individuals that cannot maintain a socially acceptable behavior. The organizational behavior for a correctional facility must accommodate a plethora of individuals, and maintain the trust of the public. The safety relies on these people to protect them from those that plot harm on others. In the following this writer will express the understanding of a correctional facilities organizational behavior, and the factors that are considered.
The organizational behavior is important in a correctional system. There are many factors to entertain when dealing with different people. A positive enforcement should be the foundation for organizational behavior. The success of any organization is the personal, and their ability to perform at the expected levels, this is true in corrections as well. This writer feels that for the personal to perform in the best manor a corrections organization must have a sound command staff with the skillset to motivate the staff and enforce the policy and procedures of the facility. There are many different ways one can motivate staff, a successful command officer must possess the skills to maintain a positive work environment, skills like communications, planning and organization techniques (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Uhl-Blen, 2010). A correctional command officer must be tolerant and able to listen to the officers under their command, though this can be many individuals, and be able to structure the staff to achieve success. Though the responsibility for successful organizational behavior is not only the responsibility of the command staff, the line staff and support staff also plays an important role. The staff of a correctional facility must be able to perform assigned task with the knowledge and ability to complete these task efficiently without fault. This comes from having the self-esteem and mental fortitude to do so. For an organization to be successful there must be integrity and professionalism in all aspects of the procedures used and the employees, on any level, must maintain this professional standard. With a diverse workforce in corrections today this is often a task that is difficult to accomplish. If the diversity in a working environment cannot be successfully blended then there will be a breakdown in performance. The diverse employee pool will in any organization will never completely be cohesive, though with proper ethics and morals the organizational behavior of a facility can thrive. Self-awareness is a key element in how organizational behavior takes place in a correctional system. Staff not only deals with the different employee personalities, but with those individuals incarcerated as well. This is where one’s ability to show restraint and