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1. Introduction:
1.1 Aims
This paper is talking about human resource management (HRM). Using Freudian psychologists to analysis four “HR type” of personality, and choose the people who much more suitable to be a human resource managers. Using this psychology to pick up the HR manager, simultaneous, use that to change the type of the person to gain promotion as well as analysis the value of Freudian psychologists in HRM.
1.2 Introduction to the case
The case study talking about using Freudian psychology to analysis the four types of HR people who come from different background. Type one, from a very stable family background and perhaps the youngest of two same sex siblings (Wilson, G 2003). Type two, born into a confused, lower middle-class in infancy that life is unfair (Wilson, G 2003). Type three, usually an only child, on whom their parents lavished conditional love (Wilson, G 2003). Type four, the youngest of three or four boys and always had to compete (Wilson, G 2003). Four different types of HR people have their own characteristics and weaknesses.
1.3 Identification of case problem
Four kinds of types HR people all have the shortcomings. The first category is lack of motivation and spirit of adventure. The second category is lake of creative. The third category they have a lot of initiatives, it is difficult to insist once failed to complete. The last category lacks empathy and is quite lonely and also team spirit work arbitrary.
1.4 Explanation of purpose and context, issues
Through case study analysis to pick up one of types the most suitable to be an HR specialist, and analysis in terms of what can be improved in order to better fulfill its HRM (gain promotion). Furthermore, analysis this classification is provides the help to human resources. This paper focuses on talking about the value of this classification in HRM.

Task 1.
According to Sun et al. (2008) following IPMA Competency Model, an excellent human resource managers can not just be satisfied when a "personnel management experts", but also strive to become a "business partner", "leader" and "change agents." To be an HR specialist need encompassing skills, knowledge, abilities and personal attributes, which in 6 different areas: organizational, leadership, functional, occupant, individual and team (Sun et al. 2008). If I was an HR specialist, the second category I prefer to be the second category, which from a confused lower middle class family background and may describe themselves as working class. This is because according to Ulrich et al. there are six fundamental competency domains. 1. Strategic positioner. 2. Credible