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ORG.B. Challenges. This article has given me more knowledge about ethical decision making in the business world. This article show us how a one unethical decision can affect one person or a whole organization. At first, it do not make much sense to me what was going through her head, about how turning the whole plane back because some crew members pissed her off. I thought this article is only about a spoiled, powerful lady acting unreasonable and causing a scene. But then the story really make me surprise on how someone can make such disgusting decision, without worrying about the consequences and think they can just get away with it.
Heather Cho, the vice president of the airline manages Korean Air’s “catering and in-flight sales business, cabin service and hotel business divisions.” Therefore, from a business standpoint, it was “reasonable” for her to “have some problem” about the service quality. However, the fact that she make the whole plane turn around so she can deplane the crew member is quite cruel and unethical. As I were to learn more about this incident, the head steward on the flight spoke up recently, telling everyone that Mrs. Cho had forced him to kneel and make him apologize as the punishment that one of his stewards had made. This unethical decision can be seen as a lust of privilege, since her families run the airline and there’s hardly any bad consequences upon her after this judgment. The lack of ethical and a simple moral values of human rights in this situation is disturbing. The fact that her family is so powerful have make her to do things that is as close to slavery to the steward and it is quite alarming to know that these still exist in our modern days.
This incident show how people often judge, make action according to unconscious stereotypes and attitudes, or “implicit prejudice.” As we were young, we were taught to associate things that are commonly go together and expect them to coexist. For example, crying and sadness, or thunder and rain. It is true that these associations reflect part of the truth, but they are not true to every counter. We can cry because we are happy, and rain doesn’t always go with thunder. For this case, Mrs. Cho was raised and grown up with the mindset that her family have an unlimited amount of power and she is not bound to any rules or ethics. In her mind, her power and fear is something that coexist together, and the steward pissed her and it is “reasonable” for her to punish him. She assume that her action is the