Essay on Organizational Behaviour

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My essay will introduce the culture and organizational strategies of I focus on the evolution of, the organization culture with the Schein's three levels of culture, the truth of working on Amazon, why is amazon so successful on the basis of organizational strategies and how to improve in the original basis.

Organizational culture could be the core of the company and exists from the start of Organizational culture is the shared values, beliefs, and norms which influence the way employees think, feel, and act towards others inside and outside the organization. The culture can be divided into three levels by Edgar Schein. The first level of culture is surface manifestations. is
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The workers feel comfortable to get along with the managers in the job. It impels that employees work harder and efficiently. Amazon is trying to built the best relationships between managers and workers about self-actualization and esteem (Maslow's hierarchy of needs). For self-actualization, the manager of Amazon promotes the optimum workplace through morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, and acceptance of facts. Leaders try to promote employees' self-esteem, confidence, achievement, happiness, and respect with each other in terms of esteem. The wellbeing is the best way to satisfy for warehouse workers such as health care, financial security, employee assistance programs, time off and the employee stock. Employees said they get more in Amazon than others and they can make more money in overtime working. In another factor, by the Herzberg's two factor theory, the challenging work, recognition, responsibility give the employees job satisfaction. Amazon Company regards the warehouse job from company policies, supervisory practices, or wages/salary. The productivity of warehouse workers is important for Amazon; it determines the benefits of company. In that sense, a motivated workforce can be a sign of a successful organization. In an organization, leadership is essential. Amazon Leadership Principles are about ownership, hire and develop 'The Best', insist on the highest standards, vocally