Essay about Organizational Business Ethics

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When conducting a business proposition whether locally or in another country ethics will always have an impact on the decision to be made, ethics makes up the majority of how individuals feel about whether or not they are willing to accept or reject the decisions to do business. As we discuss the ethical perspectives or business ethics of a foreign country it will show how and what is the difference.
The two countries that will be discussed in this paper is China and Mexico as we look at the different cultures we will see the importance of knowing what language is spoken, religion, and foods that make up the culture for the country, as we all know business ethics globally has been going on for years so other individual can see how each
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When individuals conduct business in China it is done with the utmost respect and patience is a virtue (Lu, 2009).When issues have occurred pertaining to the products, individuals are quick to state that most products that come from China are defective because they are made in China.
China has been in the forefront in all they do, but their major concerns are how their business ethics will be considered to protect the interest of others such as employees, investors, and the public. As for our article pertaining to China titled an “A Chinese Perspective business ethics in China now and in the Future” The global ethical prospective is why products are coming from China are defective so to determine the business ethics of China now and in the future to other countries.
As for the American people we purchase products from China but concerning our article there are three events that question the business ethics of China such as purchasing toys, toothpaste, and pet foods have much concern which will pertains to employees, investors, and the public because as an investor is it in the best interest to conduct business with a country who products are always questionable.
As for the American people and conducting business with China, the Federal Drug and Administration has informed Americans to throw away toothpaste from China because of glycol, also pet food that was poison with melamine in which China