Organizational Change

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Organizational Change
Teresa Grass
MGT435: Organizational Change
Instructor: Benjamin Zuckerman
Date: March 11, 2013

The greatest methods to manage an organization and the type of change there have been a whole lot that have been written and said when dealing with change. At this present day in time it is possible to have knowledge of many steps that can be applied among an organization to make certain that change is accomplished according to many researches. There should be a positive everlasting influence if the change was important. This paper will utilize several of reasons why an organization ought to have management change. Also, there will be an presentation of plans that will be utilize in this paper that Aon-Hewitt got to have in order to incorporate to bring the required change. There will be several of measures that will be examine that can permit Aon-Hewitt, in the beginning known as Hewitt Associates to remain with business as normal. There will be a discussion in this paper on how these changes are supposed to be assigned of arrangements and in terms of top-down management. These structures instigate the application of the firm’s outsourcing and consulting group. How Hewitt Associates can utilize Kotter’s 8-step approach and the standpoint of the change strategies will be discuss in this paper. In the business environment organizations functions have witnessed quick changes. Several organizations in present years had to deal with changes in environment in which they operate and have managed to be stable. In the previous years, many organizations have faced changes in environments in which they operate and have managed to be steady. These changes have impacted the whole operation of their activities and businesses (Harigopal, 2006). There are irregular technological changes and globalization; deregulation caused by competitive force seemed to be obligated several organizations to reflect on many strategies of radical changes as means of surviving and growing. Organizations in the beginning of the change need to put into focus are the environment in which it runs. There are several actions can occur resulting to a complete change in the way organizations managers business affairs. Many of the events that bring about influences to the organization such as; other events and civil wars, huge catastrophes like earthquake, and changes in the political governments in power. Changes in a negative or positive way this is what market economic indicators shows, resulting to an organizational reorganize. Let’s look at an example, the hasty decrease or increase in currency rate can impact the organization to result into operation of change in such a way that manages its activities. There may be times where organizations discover it exceptionally hard to forecast the movements in the stock markets. Some businesses could be affected by some changes such as rise in the kind of capital that flows into them and industries in the markets (Stamm, 2012). If organizations would keep track of opportunities in the market environment in which it could establish new markets and penetrate also outsmart likely competitors this would be very important. All the discussed factors make many organizations to be influenced by the change. There are no significant dissimilarity in company’s roles in many sectors of financial system when it boils down to matters such as organizational change management. There ought to be new principles and guidelines that different companies ought to adopt in well-organized way of change management if they belong in financial field or not. (Harigopal, 2006).
Company’s Overview Hewitt Associates have formed measures that seek to provide new solutions to other companies occurred during a period of 70 years. Organizations are in search for a resolution of their challenging maintenance for their employee compensation. There have been assessments of over 23000 employees