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Organizational Development (OD) has become more and more important for today’s organizations because the world is moving so fast that organizations have to find ways to be more effective, more innovation, more customer-driven, and more agile. Cumming and Worley (1997) define organizational development as “a process that applies a broad range of behaviour science knowledge and practices to help organizations build their capacity to change and to achieve greater effectiveness”. Therefore, OD will help organizations understand how people act to change and which change methods can work with the resistance to change that usually occurs in organizations undergoing change. In the study of organizational development, it is
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People will often prefer to make then comfortable and profitable.
Surprise: Decisions imposed on people suddenly, with no time to get used to the idea or prepare for the consequences, are generally resisted.
Everything seems different: Change is meant to bring something different, but how different is it? People are creatures of habit. Routines become automatic. Too many differences can be distracting or confusing.
Loss of face: People may not have confident enough to change. Under the unusual operation, they may have lack of confident in front of other people or boss, etc. When change involves a big shift of strategic direction, the people responsible for the previous direction dread the perception that they must have been wrong.
Concerns about competence: Can or cannot? Change is resisted when the people feel stupid. They might worry about their skill because of new technology or software will work efficiently...
More work: Common challenge. Change means more work or less work effectively? If people believe more work, they may scare the stress because of overload work.

Organization suffer change fatigue since organization failed in changes. Due to the global transformation from the industrial age to the information age, along with wide spread financial issues, the need for companies to streamline and become more responsive in order to survive has come to