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HRM601 – Organizational Behavior
Diversity and Perceptions Scenarios

1. Your organization has received an RFP for new business. The new company is inquiring about your policies to increase racial diversity in your supply chain. But your company has no policy yet. How do they respond to the RFP? 2. It has been rumored, a woman in your organization has been griping with colleagues about how unfair the promotion policies are in her department. How do you handle this problem, the griping and the lack of policies? 3. Senior management appears to be clueless regarding the value of diversity training. How do you change their minds? 4. Your organization realizes they don’t have African-Americans and Hispanics in Middle Management or Senior Management and they strive to “portray” diversity at those levels in the organization especially with diverse clients. But people are already crying “reverse discrimination” when minorities are hired over majorities. 5. You have a choice to make in your hiring. You have two final candidates. All things being equal regarding skillsets. One prospective employee is orthodox Jewish. You know a critical client the prospective employee will service is Muslim. The other perspective employee is Muslim. Who will you hire, why? 6. There have been discreet sexual harassment claims against your female CEO on several occasions. In your role in Human Resources, you are responsible for zero tolerance in sexual harassment claims. What