Organizational Change Proposal Essay

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Organizational Change Proposal
Science Applications International Corporation
Self-Development Process at SAIC

Introduction Science Applications International Corporation has long enjoyed a very focused and substantive self-development program. However, the self-development program for individual employees is guided by management determination of where the employee best fits into the organization. This suggests a mid-level, management centric approach to employee self-development. The challenge for SAIC is to create a systems approach for self-development that allows significant latitude for the employee to chart their unique, self-development strategy. SAIC does not allow the employee to develop a
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“This, then, is the basic meaning of a learning organization, an organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future” (Senge, 1990, p. 14). The opportunity to transition is upon us, and SAIC should seize the moment. SAIC appears to be a company of haves and have nots. Management has the ability and authority of controlling employee self-development. If SAIC leadership can change the process, it will see great benefits from empowering employees. The entire organizational culture will change from semi-inclusive to fully inclusive. Employees need to make decisions that benefit themselves and the company. By making this simple change, SAIC will be viewed as a progressive and modern company by the employee base. Team SAIC will demonstrate that there is a renewed interest in corporate direction. If employees are enabled to feel inclusive, they will undoubtedly support corporate strategy and purpose. If corporate leadership knows that the employee base is behind them, it will facilitate a change in perception. Employee morale will increase. Productivity will increase, and that is a win-win situation. If leadership knows that the employees are behind them, and that the organization is a whole, this inclusive culture can prosper even in uncertain times. The needed change is to allow for employees to chart their own