Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) Essay

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What is organizational citizenship? Explain the links between the various types of organizational citizenship behaviors and job-related outcomes. In what ways does organizational citizenship affect organizational performance? Illustrate with examples where appropriate.

Organizational Citizenship
Organizational citizenship is an organizational success that consists of supports from the volunteers of individuals and behavior (Business Dictionary 2013). Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) is defined as discretionary individual behavior which is indirectly recognized by a system – Formal Reward System and the efficiency together with the effectiveness functioning of an organization will be promoted collectively. Organizational
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Jehad Mohammad, Farzana Quoquab Habib and Mohmad Adnan Alias (2011, p.152-153) stated that OCB is divided in two types: (OCBI) that includes courtesy and altruism which behaviors are directed specifically; and (OCBO), which is concerned with advantaging the organization as one covers conscientiousness, sportsmanship and civic virtue.
With behaviours directed specifically to individuals in an organization, indirect contribution will be done to organizational effectiveness.
Behaviors are not specifically directed to individuals. It is labelled as organizational compliance as internalization of a company’s rules and policies are involved. For instance, informing in advance when one is going to be absent from work or meetings.
Ways organizational citizenship affects organizational performance
Dunlop & Lee (2004, p.67) stated three distinct components that are identified in job performance sphere as work behaviors are organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), task performance and workplace deviant behavior (WDB). OCB were discovered to be playing an important role in the organization as employee’s overall job performance is determined by task performance (Motowidlo & Van Scotter 1994). Besides that, Dunlop & Lee (2004, p. 68) also explained that the overall organizational performance could be improved by OCB of workers. This shows that there is a direct relationship between