Organizational Communication Essay

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TO: MBA 701 Students

FROM: Donna Williams

DATE: June 4, 2013

SUBJECT: Yellowtail Marine, Inc.

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a listing of issues that are a priority that Ms. Gilcrist is facing on her first day of employment with Yellowtail Marine Inc... Sadly, Ms. Gilcrist has taken over as the CEO in just a few days after the death of Olaf Gunerson, Yellowtail’s founder and former owner. His death was unexpected, and therefore she will have to deal with a new staff during a period of grief for Mr. Gunerson. Ms. Gilcrist must be very sensitive to this fact and has to make arrangements to attend Mr. Gunerson’s funeral. Her mere presence at the funeral will show that she is sensitive and it will allow her to begin to establish a rapport with the employees which she will need in order to move the organization forward.

It is my opinion that in order for Ms. Gilcrist to run the company’s daily operations it is essential that she make that her main priority. She must obtain a swift understanding of the company because it may cause immediate problems and possibly destroy the company’s future success. It is imperative that Ms. Gilcrist assume the following tasks successfully to maintain the Yellowtail Marine Inc.:

• Meet with key personnel (management staff)
• Obtain information that will help her during the transitional period based on the preliminary strategic plan requested by Mr. Boswell
• Create clear job and work schedules to bring clarity, progress, and motivation
• Respond to the issues that are important for the company to function properly
• Set long term goals one for example is by doing an analysis of demands of the buyers
• Form activities as soon as possible for the administration; so they can operate the company efficiently by complying with the quality standards proposed

Based on the above tasks it is my belief that the following items should be prioritized as follows:

1. The EPA and OSHA must be treated as a priority. Ms. Gilcrist needs to provide some stability and ensure compliance issues are met. She should introduce herself to the EPA and OSHA representatives and explain the current conditions that she has to face. She must also let them know who will be guiding them for their visit.

2. Ms. Gilcrist should write two letters of condolence to Mrs. Naumes and the entire staff. Doing this will show compassion and allow her to aid in the healing process for the employees of Yellowtail.

3. Ms. Gilcrist must tackle the production problem in the boatyard; by making a telephone