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Organizational culture and diversity

Janet Wyse
May 2015

As a global company, Uber should reflect the diversity and inclusion that thrives inside and outside our walls. That’s why we so strongly embrace the unique ideas and philosophies of our employees who live and work in more than 200 cities worldwide. Uber connects riders to drivers to make cities more accessible and bring people closer. Understanding their cultural backgrounds helps Uber to better serve its customers’ needs which in turn improves our economic and social sustainability. Our Employee Diversity & Inclusion Strategy represents our commitment to creating an environment where all employees feel valued, respected and fully engaged to contribute to our future success. In support of that strategy, Uber’s definition of diversity extends beyond race, age and gender to also include differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, religion, physical ability, values, backgrounds and experiences. Implementing an organizational culture in a culturally diverse environment is a topic of interest for managers alike.
As Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Uber, I recommend the following strategies to help Uber succeed:
1. Implement a sustainable organizational design. In order for Uber to strengthen its organizational culture it must implement a sustainable organizational design that engages stakeholders around the globe and allocates high-level roles and responsibilities to these individuals. Uber must identify mid-level and supervisory level to act as operations managers who identifies key stakeholders in major cities and hubs around the world. Additionally these operations managers must identify cities and new markets for future expansion globally.
Why should the leadership team consider this design?

2. A leadership development program -: Form resource groups that will serve as an extension of our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and reflect our commitment to employee development and engagement. Each group will have a clearly