Organizational Culture and Holyoke Community College Essay

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Organizational Culture is defined as a system of shared values and beliefs that influence worker behavior. Employees of a company with a strong culture will follow its values with no questioning. Employees with a company with a weaker culture will question everything.I currently work for a company of the weaker culture their employees question everything. The Company that I work for could definitely benefit from taking the on line culture assessment. They need to put into place a stronger culture which is needed to bring up employee morale.

Companies can go on line to learn how to take the culture assessment instrument on line. This is a hassle free tool for diagnosing organizational culture; it was developed by professors Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron. It can be found on line at After you take the OCAD you will be given an easy to follow change plan.

Companies can also learn about different organization culture by going to the website This website provides examples and definitions of the major types of cultures a company needs to be looking for. It also talks about how to influence your culture like giving raises to employees.

A good example of how the University of Rhode Island defines organization culture can be found at http:// Their approach has landed them on the list for one of the best places to work in 2012.

Organizational Behavior is defined as the study of human behavior in the work place, the interaction between people and the organization and the organization itself. Studying organization behavior provides advantages which are skill development, personal growth, enhancement of organization, sharpening of common sense. All of these things will help you understand what specific employees are good at and how they can excel at their jobs and make the company more profitable.

In some companies they really value their employees and sometimes are able to make accommodation's for employees to help them with a problem. For example, if an employee needs flexible hours,some employers try to accommodate them by doing this. They know it will pay off for the employer in the long run.
There is a PHD Program at Stanford business school that emphasizes a career in scholarly research. Graduate of the PHD in Organizational behavior usually pursue careers in academic of research institutions. This information can be found at

Diversity is defined as the differences among people. Learning about the different types of people will help managers. There are many types of people in the work force. They all have different needs. Diversity training is very helpful with these needs. Companies can learn about diversity by doing research online at http://www.diversity /ri/gov. The diversity office department should provide company information of how to set up and maintain policies for complaints with state and federal laws on diversity. The Rhode Island Diversity department does a great job at this. They take embrace diversity at their school. Previously I worked at Holyoke Community College; they too embrace diversity and made everyone feel welcome. It takes a lot of work and having the right people in a company to embrace…