Organizational Culture In Prime Bank

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Letter of Transmittal

14th August, 2011

Abdullah-Al Jamil
Lecturer of Southeast University, Bangladesh

Subject: Letter of Transmittal Sir,

It is great pleasure to submit an assignment on “Organizational Culture in Prime Bank" as the fulfillment of the partial requirement of our course Organizational Theory.

This assignment is done to find how organizational culture operating in Bangladesh. We are working on bank we find how employee maintains, protect and stay in the culture. This assignment has helped us to find Prime Bank employees are happy with their culture.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this assignment as much as we enjoyed it writing. If you need any further clarification interpreting our
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• To carry on the foreign exchange business, including buying and selling of foreign y, traveler’s check issuing, international credit card issuance etc.
• To finance the industry, trade and commerce in both the conventional way and by customer friendly credit service.
• To encourage the new entrepreneurs for investment and thus to develop the Intry’s industry sector and contribute to the economic development.

“A Bank with a difference”

“To be the best Private Commercial Bank in Bangladesh in terms of efficiency, capital y, asset quality-, sound management and profitability having strong liquidity”

“ To build Prime Bank Limited into an efficient, market driven, customer focused od corporate governance structure. Continuous improvement in our procedure and efficiency through integration of technology at all levels”

Strategic Priorities:

“ To have sustained growth, broaden and improve range of products and services with the aim to add increased value to shareholders investment and offer highest possible benefits to our customers”.

Core Values :
For our customers
To become most caring Bank-by providing the most courteous and efficient service in every area of our business.

For our shareholders
By ensuring fair return on their investment through generating stable profit

For our community

By assuming our role as a special responsibility corporate