Organizational Development Essay

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Organizational Development
Amelia Gonzalez
Theresa Pavone
March 15, 2015

An organization may not always have the finances to get to the level they need to be at, but a business doesn’t always have to spend millions of dollars just to make it. At times a business just has to open up the books see what sells see what doesn’t and cut those employees that wouldn’t make a difference if they called in or not.

Organizational Development With technology advancing at such an incredible pace many organizations cannot keep up with the up cost to stay afloat. Organizations are facing challenges due to these recent financial crises. When money isn’t coming in businesses start cutting finances within the organization. This causes high turnovers, software applications being used are outdated, stress in increasing for those employees who have been staying around, and morale is at the lowest point ever in the business. This is where executives are planning to do outrageous modifications such as re-organization of the jobs and responsibilities throughout the company. But, every time they implement these changes more and more employees are resigning. For executives looking into re-organizational changes they should interpret the organizational change systemic model. The model starts off by stating the vision of the business. “A carefully crafted vision statement can help you communicate your company’s goals to employees and management in a single sentence or a few concise paragraphs” (Arline, 2014). The main point of the vision is to state exactly what the business wants. If a proper vision is not stated then a business is setting up with no goals. There are quadrants following the vision that states the structure, work processes, tools, people, market places, customers, and leadership. It’s important to realize these different tools in order to be successful. For a better example of this, it’s like filling in the blank. Once you fill in the quadrants a business will realize what exactly they need to focus on. (Arline, 2014). Short term objectives are goals accomplished in a “short term”. Those goals are usually accomplished within the next 6 months or even the year. A change could be trying to increase sales by 10-15% something small. A great example of this is to watch the show Bar Rescue. Jon Taffer (unknown, 2015) the bar genius transforms these unsuccessful bars within a week to increase their sales by using his techniques, experts, and knowledge. A regular 9 to 5 job can also use this technique to set up short term objectives. An insurance agency can try to increase cliental by 50-100 people within the year. A restaurant can increase the popularity of a drink/food by promoting it, which then increases sales and profitability. Long term objective goals is any goal that has a time limit exceeding a year. Objectives that are qualified under long term are products that are getting developed, growing annual revenue, and developing a comprehensive marketing and public relations strategy. A business must also realize just because a business is making a goal that takes over a year that it also shouldn’t last forever. It would be like building a home getting the foundation installed then never actually finishing it. A person shouldn’t do that. A project/goal must be completed in a timely manner. When a business has a short and long term objective