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Critical Thinking and Ethics Week 2
Felecia (Lisa) Alexander
June 8, 2015
Mr. Joel Nkemakolam
Critical Thinking and Ethics Week 2 The purpose of this essay is to explain the relationship between critical thinking and ethics. Included in this composition are the principles and rules of critical thinking. Are the laws and standards applicable to ethical reasoning and why? Would there be a need for ethical decision making and why? I will provide examples from the scenarios provided this week to support my findings.
The relationship between critical thinking and ethics is the process by which people decide for themselves the difference between right and wrong. Critical thinking analyzes and determines fact versus fiction by diagnosing the unknown, which identifies a person’s ethical standards. Integrating critical thinking enables a person to make effective decisions founded on facts rather than unknown variables. Moral reasoning “is the ability to identify, assess, and develop ethical arguments from a variety of ethical positions” ("Ethical Reasoning: A Key Capability ", n.d.).
If everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic, I believe a need for ethical decision making is necessary because everyone does not do what is right at all times. People’s morals and principles are tested regularly. Guidelines and rules are typically created to govern actions that can openly be seen. “Breaches of moral principles are a horse of a different color. They often involve acts that