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Organizational Environment

Week 5 Assignment 2


The company that I chose was SAS ‘statistical analysis system”. SAS started out as a

analyze agricultural research project. SAS was founded in 1976 to help companies this included

by not limited to pharmaceutical companies, governmental and banks. I believe the driving force

that shapes SAS is there proven solutions that drive innovation this helps prove performance.

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services. They help to take information and

transforms it in to something you can understand. The system will help companies see what will

work and what won’t. They really help to invite and help companies that large amounts of data

and help turn into knowledge that can be utilized. SAS also has a long list of return customers

the keep coming back. SAS has customers in 137 countries. The total customer worldwide is

more than 70,000 businesses. SAS has 13,714 employees worldwide. There revenue in 2013 was

$3.2 billion. The work they do makes a difference. The company encourages taking a risk. They

have proven that inspiring workplace makes creativity thrive. Some other strength comes from

culture; there are many divers’ people who lead to different talent and ideas that make their

systems better. (SAS)(AS)(SP)

Job satisfaction is how an attitude relates towards a job. In other words, job satisfaction

represents an effective response to specific aspects of the job. This also intales how management

treats employees. Organizational commitment is how the employee feels towards the company.

This is a is an effective response to the whole organization. This also refures to a psychological

attachment of employees to their compaines. This shows the employees drive to stay with the

company as well. This envolves many factors such as a stong belief in what you are doing, keep

company goals and values in mind, a willing to want to stay employed and much more.


I believe that SAS is a mix of both as they reflect off each other.if I had to pick I would say SAS is more job saticfaction. They figured out if the employees are saticified with there jobs that they do there best for the company. Happier the employees the better the work qulity which makes a happier company. (SAS)(AS)(SP)
If I were to evaluate SAS as a potential employer I would first look over the whole company to make sure they have what I am looking for and to see if I would fit in. I like that they set the bar high for their employees. They give them the tools to have creativity and promote intimations. SAS is making a difference everywhere. SAS has created global work