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|Organizational Issues |
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|In law enforcement, corrections and courts |
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|12/6/2012 |
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There are many politics, stressors, and attitudes found in the criminal justice system, involving professionals working in law enforcement, corrections, and courts. Whether the problem is budgeting or lack of communication problems and conflicts arise within the criminal justice system. The first event I am going to talk about involves lack of communication. (Rybak, 2012) in the article it describes an event where there was a lack of communication between police and the community. Only one resident showed up to the PSA meeting. The low turnout was the result of poor communication between the police department and the community. They were no listing on the website or anywhere else to let the community know about the meeting. No one in the community had communicated with each other or the officer among themselves that there was a meeting. No one had discussed with anyone about the meeting. Even the sergeant of police who presides as the head of each meeting did not know when and where it would be held at. The meeting was held to discuss local crimes that were being committed in the area. In the future to prevent this problem the sergeant said he would communicate better by posting dates, times, and places of meetings on the website. In this situation, I do not think there were any political concerns. It was just a case a plain lack of communication between the police and the community. There was a lack of communication because the lack of socialization among the department and a poor organizational climate. The sergeant was not even aware of the meeting and he presides over each meeting. That shows leadership and management conflicts as well. It seems that there was not a lack of interest in the meeting from the police they didn't bother to post information anywhere nor did they tell anyone about it. The problems describe can be work related and personal because personal life conflicts could be the reason no one was interested and the reason why even the sergeant did not know what was going on. There was just no form of communication anywhere, not among the police and the community not within the community or within the police department itself. There just needs to be more communication next time to minimize or eliminate conflict with communications.

My second article involves corrections and budgeting problems. (Long, Garcia, 2012) democratic governor Pat Quinn is suggesting to close numerous prisons. The problem is that there's not enough money coming in but costs are steadily rising. The governor wants to close down Tammus super max prison in Southern Illinois, the woman’s prison in Dwight and juvenile justice centers in Joliet and downstate Murphysboro. There also are several smaller offices slated for closing and consolidation within the Department of Corrections. Those include adult transition centers known as Crossroads Chicago, Westside Chicago, Aurora, Decatur, Carbondale and Peoria. Conditions at prisons are so harsh because of the lack of money to accommodate overcrowding in prisons, that officers that work at these facilities are calling it cruel and unusual punishment. The change in our states economic problems caused us not to have enough money for