Organizational Job Analysis Essay

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Job Analysis & Employee Appraisals
Arthur Cunhs
Psy-830 Principles of Organizational Psychology
Dr. Dave Heal
September 27, 2013

Analysis & Employee Appraisals A business needs to develop the right jobs to fill within a company that is growing at a rapid rate of speed. The qualifications of the candidates that are selected for the positions will be selected based on their knowledge, skills and abilities. Furthermore, an employee assessment test shall be conducted to hire the best employees for the positions in the company. The employees in the organization shall have an employee appraisal to measure their performances. Also, the criteria will determine whether this newly created job was most effective in the company’s rapid growth, and the assessment will be utilized within the first three months of employment. Finally, the job analysis and employee appraisals are beneficial in fulfilling the needs of a company’s rapid growth. Next, a company that expands at a fast rate needs new positions immediately, which are necessary to develop in order to satisfy the occupational demands of the organization. Unfortunately, a business that does not develop the right jobs and hire the properly trianed employees will not succeed. A business has to have the correct occupations that suits the needs of the organization and select the best employees for the job. According to Welbourne (1997) “organizations need to move at a rather rapid pace, employment practices geared toward 'standing still' should not, by themselves, improve firm performance. Therefore, rate of movement, or pace, becomes an important variable for understanding performance” (p.1). Therefore, a business that expands quickly needs to be capable of making adjustments both internal and external within the organization. Still, an organization has to select the right employee for the job to complete the organizational task. The jobs that are developed need to be tailored for the company thus, a business has to create a job analysis. Further, the job analysis is a method to define the duties of the job within the organization and the capabilities that are necessary to complete them. The job description done properly can determine the description of the job as well as the position, job responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Also, the job description is beneficial in knowing the educational requirements for the job and the level of experience. The rapid rate of the organizational growth is beneficial to have a proper job descriptions, which is needed to understand the kinds of qualifications that should be selected by the company. A business should be aware of what their task are and hire the correct employees to complete corporate goals. In reference to the authors Bowen, Ledford Jr, Latham et al (1991) “New, often expensive, hiring practices are changing the traditional selection model. An organizational analysis supplements a job analysis, and personality attributes are screened in addition to skills, knowledge, and abilities” (p.35). A company has to develop strategies on the adjustments that not only take place within their company currently but for the future. An organization goes through changes not only in the company but socially too. According to Jon (1993) “They are likely to be facilitators rather than controllers, decision makers rather than administrators, problem solvers rather than firefighters, and, above all, people with the vision and ability to think strategically and adapt strategies and policies to meet operational requirements” (p.22). Therefore, the development of job analysis is beneficial for a fast paced company to become competitive. Likewise, the job specifications is important since it determines what the knowledge, skills, and abilities are for the job. The specifications for the organization is important to let new hires know exactly what the job entails. In order to have the