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Total Quality Pioneers Paper The planning function of management is significant to the triumph of any association. Pioneering ideas, ideal goods, and highly capable employees fall short to become resources if no plans are in place for how these assets will reach for their organizational goals. “Quality can be defined as a dynamic state associated with products, services, people, processes, and environment that meets or exceeds expectations and helps produce superior value” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). In the following paper, the importance of quality and its elements will be discussed with a brief description on how consumer utilizes the use of quality pioneers with its elements and also discuss the successes created for an environment. Quality means differently for all kinds of business. Its understanding is also based on the career you are working therefore; it is very hard to believe that all individual would have the same definition of the quality in their practices. Since elements of quality vary but mainly all organization have similar criteria such as vision, goal setting, objectives, commitments, education and training and morals. Thus these elements assist when enforcing an organization’s foundation to make it strong and successful. According to our textbook in discussing the quality pioneers use of the total quality elements which made them successful would be Juran’s Three Basic Step to Progress. “Juran’s Three Basic Steps to Progress are broad steps that, in Juran’s opinion, companies must take if they are to achieve world-class quality. He also believes there is a point of diminishing return that applies to quality and competitiveness” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010). When coming into a career, you must deal with different individuals from all over the country as well as the world. These individuals will have different personalities and different values and ethics of there own. All individuals will try to apply them towards doing the best job they can. Most people will find that the values they incorporate in attempting to excel at their job will coincide with others. Quality also requires managers to be good in decision making as well as become aware of the environmental conditions facing by their organization in order to have a healthy strategies set for an organization. Prime example in pioneering quality control from Juran’s Three Basis Step to Progress, would be in discussing the scandal for Arthur Andersen. “Arthur Andersen was once considered as one of the top three accounting organizations with having over 20,000 employees (Niece & Trompeter, 2004)”. An organization whose has a wide variety of clients from all sorts and different markets and industries. Arthur Andersen’s market conditions along with its reputation went down with all sorts of legal and ethical violations that ended the organization