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Dominga Mwenyo
November 10, 2014
Felicia Bridgewater
The company's mission and vision
SWOT analysis
Strategic plan
Operational plan
Boeing is an America corporation which leads the world in aerospace manufacturing, engineering and information technology. Boeing ranks number 30, globally in fortune 500 companies. “Until 1958, more people crossed the Atlantic Ocean aboard ships than on airplanes. And fewer than 1 in 10 Americans adults had ever even been on an airplane. In the new book “Jet Age,” author Sam Howe Verhovek takes a look at how Boeing president Bill Allen and test pilot Tex Johnson changed everything by betting the company on the jet age.”
Boeing Mission and Vision
Boeing mission is simply to be the most powerful leader in commercial aircraft technology and to introduce the world into the jet age. The vision of Boeing is people collaborating together as a global business enterprise for aerospace supremacy. “Our own history of include the first Boeing airplane (1916), the first U.S. international airmail (1919), the world’s most popular airplanes (the 727 and the 7370, and the world’s largest passenger jet (the 747).” Boeing vision. (1990). The Science Teacher, 57(3), 16. Retrieved from
SWOT Analysis
This is the analysis of the Boeing Corporation. Boeing is the leading aircraft manufacturer with a customer base of 150 countries globally. The corporate headquarters is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has over 175,000 employees and with revenues of $85 billion in 2013, according to the 2013 company’s prospectus.
Boeing Strengths are many and one is their global great image. Also their variety of products and services such as Commercial Airplanes, Defense, Space & Security, Military & Missile System and Information Technology. Boeing Corporation is second to none. Boeing products and services are superior and that translates into customer satisfaction thereby creating a strong financial performance.
The Boeing Company had some weaknesses, such as spending about $3.3 billion in Research and development (Hellman, 2013) which had a negative impact on the company’s net earnings. The pension cost of $75 billion in 2012 was another weakness which also affected the balance sheet. Also there was a rift between Boeing management and United States Military in 2004. This was a result of unethical conduct by management which caused Boeing to lose a lucrative contract with the military.”A 2004 award to Boeing was undone by an ethics scandal that resulted in prison terms for a former company executive and a former high-ranking Air force official.”(Hendricks, 2009, para. 12).
One of the opportunities for Boeing is the company’s great image with their customers as the best in the industry of aerospace manufacturing and information technology. Boeing continues to grow as a result of customer confidence. The other opportunity is the high demand of Boeing aircrafts which is also an opportunity for Boeing to continue to lead the industry by producing high quality and superior products and services.
September 11, 2001, impacted the airline industry tremendously. It is one of the threats which eroded customer confidence in the airline industry. The trust and confidence is back as a result of the government’s strong stand against terrorism. The United States Government and the Federal Aviation Association have a great influence on the decision they make since they control the largest transportation system in the all world. Regulations