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Organizational Planning: Apple
Ciera N. Hill
July 8, 2015
Richard Dettling
Organizational Planning: Apple
Coming in on Fortune 500 list at number five, Apple continues to deliver innovative quality products to its loyal consumers. Apple has been on Fortune's list for 21 years toping companies like Hewlett- Packer. Stated in the first part of their mission statement “Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world…” Farfan (2015) Apple is not short of company drive. They push this mission statement with the new products they design and produce.
No matter how good Apple is at coming out with great products the company has its weakness and threats. One of the company’s weakness is the product’s price. Most average wage student or working households cannot afford a thousand dollar laptop. While Apple's competitors (Hewlett-Packer or Dell) have laptops ranging from $300- $600. It will be hard for Apple to "bring the best personal computing experience to students" if they cannot purchase the computer.
As for threats, Apple is losing market share to Samsung when it comes to the mobile phones and tablets. Samsung along with other Android Operating Systems have started to dominate the market with their products leaving Apple to play catch up in some cases such as the Apple Watch. Even though Apple has its loyal consumer base if they want to capture more of the market share they need to jump ahead of the competition. Rumors have been swirling the internet about Apple branching out into Cable with their Apple Tv; this will serve the company well however will create new competitors with cable providers.
Decision makers at the company made a power play with the latest software update iOS 8.4 included Apple Music. Apple music challenged Spotify app users with streaming their favorite music anytime for a flat monthly rate. While Spotify only gives its users one month of free premium commercial free listening, Apple gives its customers three months. This update eliminates users from having to download any other music app, saving space on their iPhone.
Speaking of power plays, ApplePay was also a big deal in the technology world. The fact that at most major retailers you can leave your wallet at home and just bring your