Organizational Restructuring Essay

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"Organizational Restructuring" Please respond to the following:

As organizations restructure and cut back on staff, a burden is placed on the employees who remain. Imagine that you work for an organization that has just cut back on staff and you, a remaining employee, are feeling overburdened with the extra work. Propose ways that the organization could address the shortage that would still result in cost savings but also allow employees to feel less burdened.
These are some of the things that leaders should be able to address to their employees to make them feel less burdened or uncertain about that job. These are a portion of the things that leaders ought to have the capacity to deliver to their employees to make them feel less troubled, burdened or uncertain about their job.
Keep staff motivated. Leaders should be able to recognize all workers on their accomplishments. Also, leaders ought to have the capacity to thank everybody for their achievements and be understanding of what they are going through at this time. You can also offer the workers rewards such as: comp time, dress down days, and free lunches this could boost the morale of the workers.
Try to focus on a positive outcome. Leaders should encourage the workers that with the new changes that are in placed this should improve the business outlook. Likewise, leaders should urge employees to express their feelings and they ought to have the capacity to sympathize with them. The leaders should also address to current employees that if business…