Essay on organizational security trends

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Organizational Security Trends
Aaron Pepe, Andre Santiago, Cirllee Moland, George Hull, Jacqueline Hammond
Terence Hunt
Organizational Security Trends

In any major business throughout corporate America a security infrastructure is paramount to address security trends of the organization. As businesses expands employees must be aware of the growing security threats within a diverse organization. When an origination has a well-designed security plan that address and mitigate the risk can be critical factor in the success of the business. Then Managements and employees can deal with and work through the wave of implemented changes. Expansion of global markets, Biotechnology, Emergency Preparedness, Privatization and pandemic Planning are security trends that will be addressed.
Biotechnology brings a vast and growing research intensive business in the commercial sector across the world. From human performance, medical practices and improvements in health care, biotechnology brings forward security risk for these businesses. To counter the security risk are different application and products to minimize and mitigate the security impacts to an organization and the public. The need for these system or applications protects our company and provides the lead time in the advance development. Any “small information leakage or a single process error may cause catastrophe, security becomes a top priority”. (Ishwood, 2013)
The aspects of a security system can take on many application that are cost effective and easy to implement and use. Access Control system can offer sophisticated accessories such as Biometrics controls that can pinpoint controls to the individuals. Biometrics controls can be implemented by finger prints, retinal scans and facial recognition technology. Minimizing access to specific areas and allowing only authorized personnel to intellectual property data. The ability to control access to every individual who enters the organization will minimizes the impact of data leakage. Also, the access control system can provide audit abilities to assist in a security investigation. The systems provides real time information of who accessed what section, door, office and it can give the total of personnel left inside of a building at the end of the day. Additionally, we need to protect the equipment associated with biotechnology. We can provide the security of equipment with a video monitoring system.
A well placed surveillance system allows full coverage of the business 24 hours a day. The purpose of the system is two-fold. One it provides positive identification of personnel and secondly, it can be used as a safety system for employees. Early recognition of unauthorized personnel within a facility and the ability to track them during an event aid in the safety of everyone. Another use for the system, it allows security personnel to ease of reviewing recorded video to validate a security incident. The recorded video validates statements that employees say what transpired in the incident. The ability to speed up an investigation can be beneficial to minimize the impact of the incident and early recovery of critical data or equipment. Other application and tools that can be used are holograms, barcodes RFID tags. They are easily implemented with intended result to minimize the security risk in biotechnology.

Expansion of Global Markets

It can be beneficial to a company for expansion into global markets. The company would be able to expand its economic growth, obtain new customers, and compete at a higher level.

Expansion of global markets can also be risky since there are so many aspects that have to be

considered. Many companies that expand globally will have some difficult challenges protecting

the company as well as everyone that works for them. Increase in security would be a must.

Security will have to be highly trained in order to keep the company as well as its people