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HRM 500: HR Management Foundations

With the implementation of the materials resource planning (MRP) system a lot of tedious day to day activities can be accomplished with little to no interaction from HR which would leave them free to handle more demanding tasks. Of course with any new system being implemented changes will occur both good and bad. Three human resources functions that are likely to be affected by the MRP system would be the schedule for employees, ordering office materials for the company and survey’s conducted by the company from employers and their customers. The MRP system would be a great resource for the human resources manager if it is properly ran. As the human resources manager it would be my duty to ensure that this program had a successful start so the company could see the return on their investment in the MRP system. Two ways that I can help the organization carry out this change successfully would be ensuring that the individuals hired for the positions would be the most qualified and deciding on the duties that the MRP system would be taking over from me, as the human resources manager. I believe that hiring the best candidates will also help take care of the duties that the system can perform. As the human resources manager for this company implementing this change it is important to remember the foundation of the profession. The HR manager would be responsible for making sure this change would be beneficial to the company and in doing that they must remember their core values of the profession. The first skill that the human resources manager will need to implement this change would be organization. It is important that this program is given full attention to make sure that it will be as successful as the company is hoping. Organizing would include not only having the work laid out for the information that I needed to be gathered but having a clear line of communication between the human resources manager and their point of contact at the MRP system. The human resources manager should have the goals of program outlined as well as the steps that need to be taken to get there. On top of that organization is needed for the day to day activities the human resources manager has to continue to do. Without organization the program would have a lot of problems getting off to a successful start. The second skill that the human resources manager would be multi-tasking. Human resources is a complicated profession to be a part of, it has several facets to it and it must be handled with detail and often in a timely manner. Being able to multi-task during the implantation of the MRP system will have a lot to do with the growth of the system in the company. The third skill that would be beneficial to the human resources manager during this MRP implementation would be change management. Since MRP is expected to do so much for the company including the schedule for the shop floor employees are going to be skeptical of the changes that will occur. It is the human resources department duty to make sure that even with the changes going on in the company that the employees are briefed about how they will be affected and that they will be updated if any changes are made. With the growth that the company is expecting the demand for new hires will change in certain ways. One factor that