Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
MGT 230

Organizational Structure Paper The selected organization for the topic is AAA Remodeling AAA Remodeling is a construction company that focuses on remodeling of residential homes along with weatherization on commercial and residential buildings. Description of organizational structure of AAA remodeling will be given. Two other organizational structures will be selected for the use of contrast and comparison. The organizational functions of the various structures will be identified to determine influence on the organizational structure. Explanation of organization design aids in the effort in choosing which structure will work best for AAA Remodeling AAA Remodeling is a
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They have the following mission statement: Chartered in 1959, the Building Industry of Southern New Mexico is comprised of members of the building industry and its affiliates. As the voice of the building industry, we serve our members and the community by: Promoting balanced economic development; providing education; and promoting professionalism. (Martin, 2011). The organizational structure is administration, human resources, finance, production, and sales and marketing (Martin, 2011). The organization structure is similar of Anderson Mobile Homes but different than AAA remodeling. The administration accompanies the CEO, vice president, and managers. The human resource department is responsible for training and recruitment of employees (Martin, 2011). The finance department of the organization is responsible for accounts receivable and payable (Martin, 2011). The production is filled with different level laborers responsible of building of new homes (Martin, 2011).The sales and marketing department is responsible for sales and marketing new homes (Martin, 2011). Each company has similarities and differences in the organizational structure. The different size companies show how organizational structures play a huge part of the company's success. AAA remodeling organizational functions influence and determine the organizational structure. The various task needed to run a business is separated into different departments. The