Organizational Structure Research Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
For the past 3 years, I have worked for a company called 2020 communications. This company has many different contracts with other companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and other wireless providers. As a Territorial Manager I do not work for these global wireless companies, we manage the territories and make sure that the actual stores are selling the company’s products and services. 2020 Communications has a simple structure that consists of a single individual that runs the company. Under that individual there are 2 district managers and then there are territorial managers that work directly for the company. I am contracted to work for T-Mobile to manage 9 locations. In the company in which i work for they
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When it comes to social responsibility in advertising it keeps the company ethically true to the consumer. Since there may be ten different companies selling the same product Being true to the public and selling the need of the products and services is very important. This is one of the main focuses in 2020 Communications. This holds our company to a higher standard due to the consequences they can encounter if they are not giving the proper information. When a company shows poor customer service and a lack of ethical responsibility this can have a drastic negative affect on the company’s life as a whole. To be Globally competitive a company like 2020 Communications needs to be ethicaly responsible for the way they carry themselves in all aspects of the business. For 2020 commuincations the Advertizing aspect of the business is done through the corperate name of T-Mobile. Because we are contracted to sell there products, we are held to the highest level as any other individual that works for the coperate location.
When a company is trying to find the best strategy in a market with multiple competitors they need to be see what the competition is doing first and foremost. Second they need to market and educate the potential customers why their product is better for them than the other competitor’s item. They need to sell the value and try to keep the cost competitive. This is why 2020 communications is one of