Organizational Studies and Human Resource Management Essay

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Experiencing OB

Discussion question 1&2: I had question 3 and 7 are true and the rest of them are false. I was surprised when I checked the answers after I made true or false on each statement based on what I routinely believe. There are three different answers I had. I had the first statement “people who satisfied with one job tend to be satisfied with other jobs too” is false because what I thought was that under some circumstance, people’s satisfaction would not last forever. For example, one employee has been working at the same workplace for about five years and he is satisfied with his job, one day his manager tells him to change his job, and there is a possibility that he might not like the new job because he is always doing great on his current job and why should he change to another job? But the truth is, according to the textbook in chapter 6, “researches have found that people are consistent in liking or disliking their jobs over as long as a 10-year period, although they may have had several different positions during that time.” It is interesting that job satisfaction is a relatively stable disposition of an individual based on the scientific research. That is, if an employee likes his job, he will be more positive when his job is changed. The 3rd statement “the best leaders always act the same, regardless of the situations they face.” When I first thought about this statement, I thought it was true because leaders should act the same no matter the problem he is facing is small or big. But when I think it deeper, I found I was wrong. This statement is partially true because a leader should be flexible when he has different situation to face. It will be ineffective if a leader use his attitude on a small problem to deal with a big problem. Nowadays the development of an organization…