Organizational Structure Of Apple

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APPLE was it was established it was a group of 3 members involved into it i.e Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple was known for its innovation,creativity,hardware and also software which are increasing tremendously in the past few years and most importantly the increase In these has been consistent with an updated knowledge and precise technology.

Apple in its old organizational structure was a collaborative company.This company was like an initiative and it run like a huge set up [2].
Individuals in the company are responsible for a specific function of a product that is to be designed or to be analysed.
In order to create a product or to develop certain specifications in a product it used to be done in a group which consists of a few members in order to finish the task that is being assigned for that group. In order to finish this task a lots of efforts and a lots of team work was needed
In the pattern of old organizational procedure the hiring of employees was very specialsied.
Old organizational structure of Apple was much more non-traditional way as everything was going under the decisions of a single person and there were divisions in the teams and they were supposed to do the work that has been assigned to them and there wer divisions in the department too
It looks more often like a very informal pattern
The position of employees were not above or below or they were not at the same level in short their positions in the old organizational chart were non-hierarchial
Once a position was designated for an employee his/her security of a job was at a higher rate
In the old organizational chart as it was a one man show as being everything was under the control of one single person and every thing has to be passed from his approval.
As it was a one man show as everything was under a single person sometimes it accounted with certain disadvantages one major one being time consuming procees which made the entire system run slow inturn decreasing the output of the company and resulting into not meeting the demands of the customer as one time during the release of iphone 4 as it was a huge successful product there was a lot of demand in the market by customers but as with the slow process they were unable to meet the customers demand which made steve to appologise to the customers
Each and everything was under the control of one man and the time of taking decisions was getting delayed which inturn raised some of the additional problems along with those
In the methodology of old organsational structure the primary motto was to focus on only particular object which made them unaware of the other objects when asked which resulted in the unawareness in the market areas of some departments[3]


After the death of steve jobs Tim cook was assigned as the new C.E.O of the company.In his first press conference he straightly admitted by saying “steve jobs Is irreplaceable””I am not steve jobs”. With this statement he made everything clear.
In the new organizational structure of apple, tim didn’t manage the industrial design of company
Tim didn’t supervise services which are important for a company like apple and those services included like retail,marketing and internet services
The major difference which came into the focus was the flexibility that he made in the new organizational methodology as the new developed organizational structure was much more flexible than the older one
If we compare the old organizational structure with the new one in the older part everything was a one man show kind as entire thing was based on steve jobs and everything has to be flown from him spot but where as in new organizational chart the position of CEO was not like a one man source it was like he was at the top and he divided into certain departments and developed into groups
In this methodology power was distributed as position of vice president was given more