Organizationl Development and Change Essay

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1. Which of the following is not one of the “stems” of OD? Environmental analysis 2. All OD involves change management, but change management may not involve OD True
3. OD was developed for use primarily in business and industrial organizations. False
4. Conclusions about the first T-group experiments were (1) feedback from the group was a rich learning experience and (2) the process could be transferred to “back home situations.” True 5. OD helps members of an organization solve their own problems. True
6. As the QWL movement evolved, it fostered a new phase of activities known as Employee involvement 7. An effective organization has both high productivity and rapid growth. False
8. Three major
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The burden of responsibility for selecting an OD consultant lies entirely with Both the client organization and the consultant
53. Which of the following is not a step in the contracting process? Determining the change project 54. Three major trends are shaping change in organizations: globalization, information technology, and managerial innovation. True
55. The goal of the contracting process is To make a good decision about how to proceed with the OD process 56. Following entry and contracting, an OD practitioner starts with diagnosing an organization or department. True
57. Failure to identify the relevant client can lead to a lack of support for the OD effort. True
58. The process of entering a client system consists of Clarifying the issue, determining the relevant client, and selecting a practitioner
59. Work groups are prevalent in all sizes and types of organizations.
60.. An output at the job level is
Job satisfaction
61.. Job design should be congruent with the larger organization.
62. Analysis of inputs at the group level includes
Determining what larger organization the group is embedded in
63. Group functioning involves task-related activities such as giving and seeking information and group-maintenance function.
64. Which of the following design components are appropriate for job-level diagnosis?
Skill variety
65. Group effectiveness has two components: