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Basic Foundations of HOSA
In the early stages of organizing a Chapter, the Chapter Advisor and students must become very familiar with the many aspects of HOSA. The organizing and successive HOSA assemblies of delegates, by contest and balloting, selected and adjusted the official HOSA Motto, Tagline Emblem, colors as reflected in the Emblem, and Creed.

The Name of the Organization
In June 2004, the delegates at the HOSA National Leadership Conference changed the name of the organization from “Health Occupations Students of America” to HOSA. HOSA is a student organization for students who plan to pursue a health care career.

The name change promotes the expansion of HOSA membership boundaries to include those students who are not in a health science program but who plan to pursue a career in the health professions.

The HOSA Motto
“The Hands of HOSA Mold the
Health of Tomorrow”
A “Motto” may be defined as a saying that expresses an organization’s aims, ideas, or guiding rule. HOSA has a state and national motto that expresses its purpose in our society.

The HOSA Slogan
“Health Science Education and HOSA:
A Healthy Partnership”
The official slogan supports the concept that HOSA is 100% health care.

The HOSA Tagline
“HOSA – A Student-Led Association of Future Health Professionals”
The tagline illustrates that the purpose of HOSA is to promote career opportunities in health care.

The HOSA Emblem
The circle