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Implementation of Change Management Strategies The culture in a call center environment requires you to be able to adapt to change rapidly. The wireless industry will always need to make changes as the technology becomes more innovative. Management has to posses the proper skills to be able to train and develop their employees to be able to adapt to the changes that upper management is making, therefore the company can retain their competitive place in the industry. What is the best approach to get the buy in from the employees? Change management is the process of monitoring changes in the organizational structure of a company. Change management involves individuals, human resources, technology, or the structure of the company itself. Because change is stressful, it is important to complete changes in the workplace in an orderly and efficient manner. To ensure success with the change management process there are three elements that should be met. They are the commitment from the management team, unanimous agreement and the proper measures and rewards are in place. When upper management shows involvement to the changes that are being implemented, employees are more likely to buy in and except the changes and go along with the plan. As the change takes place it does have to be measure to ensure success. In the call center environment that I am associated with implemented a new quality process to use surveys from the customers to measure the quality of the service that the representative are providing with each customer. When the process was implemented all the employees were brought in a meeting to discuss the value of their quality results come from the voice of the customer. As a supervisor that works directly with the reps it is crucial to let them know that they are in the best interest of the supervisor. Also sharing with them the best practices that will train and develop them to be able to handle the calls and position the information to the customer no matter the outcome and still receive a perfect survey score (Covington 2002). The employees are then measured for of time which is known to be ramp up period for 90 days. Also for those that achieve and catch there are reward and incentives in place. Having incentives shows the employees that are truly appreciated for all their hard works and efforts. Change is something that is going to happen in a call center environment, therefore the environment should be created with the concept that it is good to have change rather than not have any change. The best way to accomplish this will be to employ leaders that are forward thinkers, have a team that oversees the change through which could be called the transition phase, provide the proper training and have resources available that can be referred back too, and use outside sources so that the process is completely understood (Walter 2009). To manage employee's transition to commitment, the change has to be internally led. Employees require lots of information, training, support, involvement, and rewards to feel more valued and in control of their destiny. Ultimately, it is only when organizations learn new ways of implementing change initiatives, do they sustain them long enough to realize the benefits. Change is deeply personal. For organizations to realize the full benefits from change, they must focus on managing people's behaviors, skills and commitments to deliver successful implementation using a clear and change management methodologies.
There are three different types of change management methods that have different ways that they are implemented from one another. The first type is known to be a large scale process, this will advise on a large scale to include global organizational steps. The vision for the organization is being developed with a sense of urgency. The changes that are being made are in smaller steps so the momentum is built along the way through the process. The process