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“Origami Artwork”


Origami is the name of the ancient art of folding paper to produce lifelike, decorative or even abstract designs. The word origami it comes from the japanese ori, that it means bend or fold, and kami, that means paper. Many people place the birth of the Origami in Japan, but others believe that this art was introduced in this country through China, along with the paper. To make an origami artwork you have to know that most of the origami models star with a very simple folding sequence known as a base. The key to success is understand and master the basic folding techniques. There are also other points to give attention when you decide to enter in the amazing world of the Origami. Selecting the paper is one of this principal points. If you are a novice, plain paper will be fine, but if you are advanced or you are going to exhibit your work, you have to carefully consider the size, color, weight and texture of the paper. To star folding you must also consider when is the best moment to do it. Try to choose a moment when you have peace and quiet; this kind of environment helps you to concentrate. Also be sure that you can use a table with enough space for the diagrams or guide books and for the paper. How to fold is essential; origami creases need to be made neatly and, remember, you have to follow the instructions through symbols in each diagram. The use of this standard set of symbols has made Origami an international…