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Origin and principles:
It is not know for sure where yoga originated but it is believed that it originated in India more than five thousand years ago. Yoga is based on meditation technique, relaxation and loosening the muscles. Some classes are designed purely for relaxation. Other classes benefit your flexibility, strength and balance.
Yoga is based on many different philosophies. All trainers have a broad understanding of the concepts of yoga. The main philosophy yoga is based on is Patanjali's Asthanga Yoga, Samkyha Philosophy and Vedic Philosophies. These philosophies are all based on original traditions.

Treatments, Techniques and Methods:
There are several types of Yoga but some of the most well-known are hatha yoga, raja yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, tantra yoga and Kashmir Shaivism. The most popular form of yoga is hatha. Hatha yoga is perfect for beginners. It requires a lot of deep breathing. It focuses on slow and gentle movements to relax the body. Yoga is effective for many things including:
Eliminating fatigue
Reducing anxiety and depression
Rehabilitayting injuries
Combating obesity
Controlling diabetes
Overcoming mental disorders
Stabilizing nervous disorders
It relieves arthritis, backaches, menstrual disorders, urinary disorders and many more. There are several different types of specific treatment for things such as eye disorders, heart disease, asthma and breathing disorders, constipation, hernias, liver and kidney dysfunctions.
Techniques of yoga:
Yoga involves balance so no shoes are to be worn when doing yoga. A yoga mat is also used for a soft flat surface with grip. Tense your stomach whilst doing the poses and stretches. This makes it harder and will improve your core strength.

Cost and availability
There are a lot of yoga centres in New South Wales and some classes run in gyms. Yoga is available all around the world in many countries. Yoga is a very common form of exercise and meditation. There are classes all over New South Wales. If you want to do yoga near the beach there is a class on 1 Notts Ave Bondi beach. The fresh sea air blows. Or if you wanted something more local around Penrith, go to Fitness First 15/241 Mulgoa Road. A single yoga class is around $12 to $18 dollars. At some gyms they have an option that you can pay for a yearly membership for around $119.95 a year. Getting a yearly member ship is the most efficient use of money if you’re committed to a years’ worth of yoga. Or there is also another option of getting a monthly member ship for around $30.00 a month. This is a good option if you’re not completely sure about it but would like to go a few times to try it out. Yoga is reasonably cheap for the amount of skills, fitness and techniques that you will get out it. These Yoga classes go for 45 minutes.

Qualification and Training-
To become a yoga teacher one needs to get a diploma in yoga teaching. It is a one year course of training. In the course one will learn about all the aspects of yoga in a very intense course. The course provides the trainer with skills that will enhance a personal and spiritual understanding that will help them improve their teaching when qualified. The skills you need to become a yoga teacher involve people skills, you need to relate to those who are in your class. A trust circle for those can feel relaxed while training and exercise. You defiantly need to know the cultures and