Origin And Purpose Of Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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Clarissa Wallace
March 10, 2015

Origin & Purpose Of Evil
A world without evil would be amazing. But tragically the world is not like that, we encounter evil in our everyday lives constantly. The definition of evil to me is something that is harmful or undesirable. I personally think the purpose of evil is to give every feature of the world a good and a bad viewpoint. Establishment and demolition are essential components of every part of the world, so it only develops recognition that human nature even as inapproachable as it may seem, would have more than one characteristic to it. Since there is evil in the world, it allows us to be even more appreciative of the honesty and earnest nature that lies in the hearts of many more than the darkness. An example of evil that is portrayed is in the book
Lord of The Flies.
William Golding, the author of this book wrote this book after being heavily impacted by the horrendous horrific observations he saw during World War 2.
Lord of the Flies tells the narrative of youthful boys who gradually become savages. The boys split off into two gangs, one gang which tries in effort to be together without hostility and the other gang in which want nothing but a kill and danger to occur. “You’re a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief!” (Golding pg:177) .This quote is

about the a character really losing the thoughts of actually safety. This all emulates the portrayal of evil. Evil is portrayed in the story “
The Lottery.”
In "The Lottery," the community is shown to be a force of terror. The community is responsible for the perpetration of evil, in this case with Tessie. The community's tradition of stoning an individual is reflective of this terror. The agent of action in such destruction is the community. This part of the story shows senseless violence and mindless social evil in modern times. Lastly another example of evil is the type of evil around us in the current world today.
There are three kinds of evil: Moral evil, natural evil, and supernatural evil. Moral evil is choices committed by us human beings, as we humans knowingly do it to our free will. Examples of this includes numerous acts of sin, such as war, murder, theft, and