Origin Myth Essay

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Isaac Calderon
Jose Flores
PSA Eng. lll
Sep. 8th 2014

“The Blue Sky” A long time ago before there was good, there was bad. The whole world was very dark and everyone was always sad or mad.
There was this evil person who was in charge of everybody, his name was the devil. Many people and animals feared him but no one could do anything about it. The devil was a cruel harsh man who did whatever he wanted with the people.
The devil had the power to create evil and good things. The sky used to be a bright blue color during the day and a dark color at night. But when people started to get the devil mad by doing good things he took the bright blue sky, made it into gas and put it in a little bottle. By doing that he made the sky look dark during the day and dark like always at night.
The only thing that made the devil have all these powers is because he would make deals with people, that if they gave their soul to him when they died that he would give them fame and fortune.
One day came this small little kid. He heard about all the bad things that the devil was doing and he wanted to try and fix them. So he went all around town looking for him and finally found him. He said to the devil “ Devil why do you do all these bad things to people just because they do good things”. The devil said “ because I’ve never been happy so I don’t want anyone to be happy”. So the kid said “ well maybe you need to feel how it feels to be happy and you won’t want to do bad things anymore”. The devil agreed with the kid, so the kid told the devil to follow him and he was going to try and make him feel happy.

The kid made a deal with the devil, that if he made him feel happy then he would make the sky a bright blue color again and never again do bad things to people. The