Communism Vs Communism

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Since the beginning of the Second World War, America didn’t like the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union didn’t like America. This is mainly due to there political differences, America was Capitalist and the Soviet Union was Communist. There are many differences between Capitalism and Communism such as; in Capitalism, people are free to make as much money as they like but in Communism, the rich are regarded as being wicked and evil so they must share their wealth with the people. Another major difference is that in Capitalism, people are aloud to vote for whoever they like and who supports their political views but in Communism, people are only aloud to vote for Communist parties. Communists believe that everything should be shared equally between the people and that the more the Government interfere, the better. For instance, houses and factories are owned by the government and they are aloud the invade other people privacy as much as they like. They also abolished religion as they thought it was nonsense, whereas in Capitalism, people are completely free to worship who ever they like. These differences caused the tensions between the two countries to rise.

In February 1945, the big three (Churchill, F.D. Roosevelt, and Stalin) met just outside of Yalta, Crimea. It is famously known as the Yalta conference with the purpose of deciding the shape or post-war Europe and what going to be done about Germany. F.D. Roosevelt’s (USA) main concern was the batter in the Pacific with Japan. He wanted help from the USSR to surround the Japanese and make them surrender. Joseph Stalin (USSR) wanted there to be no chance of any country invading his as he had lost too many men defending off the Germans. While Winston Churchill (UK) just wanted peace and to free Poland as that was the reason the Second World War started in the first place. In the final agreement, Stalin agreed that the Lublin government would include London Poles and he also accepted that free elections should be held as soon as possible in Poland. Stalin said that these free elections ‘should be possible within a month‘. Also the borders of Poland were to be altered so that the USSR gained a huge amount, in return, Poland was promised part of German land. They leaders agreed to dividing Germany into different sections. Churchill argued that there should be an French Zone, an American one, British one as well as a Russian zone. The agreed to assisting in the war against Japan with America if they were promised islands in the North of Japan. The leaders finally agreed to setting up the United Nations. Stalin successfully argued that each country should have a veto on the decisions of the powerful Security Council.

In February 1947, the British government could no longer afford to pay troops in Greece and Turkey during their civil war. If America did nothing, Greece and Turkey would be under Soviet Control. President Truman agreed to fund the British and even offered to give financial help to anybody who was willing to fight Communism. This later became know as the Truman Doctrine. In