Orion Shield Essay

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Executive Summary

The Orion Shield Project was analyzed, particularly in regard to the program manager, Gary Allison. Having never managed a program before, Gary was given an opportunity to do so on this valuable project. Several stakeholders came into play; some that helped contribute to Gary’s demise, and others who were often left to pick up the pieces where Gary may have failed. Ultimately, it was determined that in more than one way, Gary was not a successful program manager. Technical, ethical, legal, and contractual shortfalls were addressed to see where Gary and his team may have gone wrong.

Introduction A good project manager knows that they must set a good example in order to lead their team to success. They
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Clearly, this dishonesty and lack of integrity was a problem throughout the project, and SEC could benefit from some higher ethical standards. Legal Issues
The legal issues within the Orion Shield Project primarily result from situations where the contract was not properly executed. As was previously mentioned, Gary failed to provide minutes of all meetings to STI, which was a contractual obligation. Because the requirements set forth within the contract were not met, STI could have taken legal action against SEC if they so desired. STI could have suspected that SEC was not telling them something, which after knowing the issues that SEC has with honesty and integrity, they may have found validity in that. The minutes of the meetings could have provided STI insight into some of the issues and they may have chosen to go in a different direction with the project. Another legal situation stemming from the contract comes into play when Sarah Wilson mentioned the possibility of a later tradeoff after SEC accepted the cost of further experimentation. Since further experimentation costs were the responsibility of SEC, they could potentially seek to gain some of those costs back on the back end of the project or when SEC is awarded that actual production contract. Obviously, this would involve a new or modified contract or agreement, which would become a legally enforceable document.