Orlando International Airport Essay

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Orlando International Airport
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Orlando International Airport
SWOT Analysis
Since May 2008, Orlando International Airport has increasingly used higher fees to recover some of the expenses lost in their bulging fuel bills. This trend continued as revenue was hit by low passenger numbers. Additional charges have forced passengers to pay more to check in additional baggage, which can cost $50 or more each way, leading to a lack of pricing transparency in the Orlando International Airport. Airfares are quoted online without including
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Airfares of Orlando International Airport have rebounded from 2011 to the present because of volatile fuel prices (including rising fuel costs) and tight supply, justifying an increase in ticket prices; however, any airfare increases will be checked by cutthroat price competition among the major airlines. In addition, while disposable incomes are expected to rise, households are still hesitant to spend big on international vacations and air travel. Furthermore, Orlando International Airport cannot increase capacity at a significant rate because they have grounded many older planes that cannot be put into circulation again. In the market of US and Norway, market leader exists (like Emirates and Itehad), that are dominant competitors to the Airline industry and other competitors, but as they are competitors to each other, there is a place to Airline industry and competitors to set the business priorities and cater the market and provide the best framework to the management that has to apply in the market easily.

Current Performance
The Orlando International Airport depends on the health of the air transportation industries because airlines provide the largest share of the industry's revenue. The operations of Orlando International Airport are also sensitive to legislative compliance requirements and federal funding. Orlando International Airport experienced consistent growth prior to the recession. Strong demand for air transportation during