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Orrin Moore
Critical Analysis Essay
Zero in on Key Terms Analysis
When you are looking at the text in all of the different elements, you will discover the different rolls that are being played. Some words or phrases don’t mean the same as what you think you what they usually mean. When analyzing these different writings it will help you understand what other text means as well. Poems are ment to flow and go together as one. So as this is going on the poem will flow meaning and contrasting with each other.
Sometimes when reading poetry you have to have an imaginary. What I mean by that is when reading some different poets poetry you will think that they are talking about one thing, but they are actually talking about something totally different. I have learned that when I am reading poetry I have to keep a dictionary or thesaurus around to look up what words means and what other meanings that the word has to it. Because in class while we are reading poems I will get lost in what they are trying to say because I get confused. Sometimes what you focal point is, is usually predetermined because the professors have picked out what they want us to read. I agree with this statement very much, there is so much information out there that we don’t know about it just because of what we are told you watch or what they teach us. Every year the teachers talk about the same things, just a different bunch of students to listen to it.
I also agree with looking at the different material