Osama Bin Laden Influence

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Since September 11th, 2001, the reign of terror has been at the forefront of the United States of America. Osama Bin Laden is one of the main reasons the world is under terror attack, he has lit a fire in many radicals around the world. The essay that is being presented, will explain before, during, and after Osama Bin Laden’s reign. Osama Bin Laden began forming the Al-Qaeda group in the 1990’s. This group originated from Pakistan, Yemen, North Africa, and elsewhere. Al-Qaeda’s acts meant more than a few isolated attacks, there was an ideological message that many had feared. Al-Qaeda’s motives were solid; they had a cause that they believed meant something more than a simple outrage. They were fighting the United States foreign …show more content…
This lead to very extreme opposition, the enemy forces began to rebel. The United States became a target they supported the Arab Autocracies. Osama Bin Laden believed that the only way to topple the dictatorship of the Arab world was through violence. Over time, Osama Bin Laden’s support plummeted for nearly five years. During Osama Bin Laden’s reign, his force began to fail at a rapid pace. The locals of an oppressed country had soon began to rebel against him and his forces. The “support” for radical Jihadism had in any event always been more theoretical than real, a support for a notion of militant opposition to the west and its domination of the modern world. Once terrorism came home, even people in Saudi Arabia did not want to return to the 7th century, and they did not much like the men who wanted to bomb them back there. (Zakaria 2) Al-Qaeda is nothing like Hitler’s soldiers; Germany was a vast, rich country with a massive army. Al-Qaeda did not have many soldiers or resources in which to fight. Osama Bin Laden personified the revolt, a man who for his followers showed courage, honor, and conviction. He fought the Russians in the mountains of Afghanistan, then shortly after trained his sights in on the United States. Osama Bin Laden desperately tried to encourage millions of Muslims; those who joined him had been asked to swear a personal oath to follow