Osama Bin Laden Son Essay

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Osama bin laden son-in-laws trial opens I chose the topic of the trial of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith the son-in-law to Bin Laden. Sulaiman was said to be the mouthpiece for bin laden he is being accused for recruiting and inciting new people for terrorist to make attacks on the U.S. soil to try and weaken as more. Sulaiman was flow to the states from Jordan about a year ago and charged with conspiring to kill Americans. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicholas lewin said that bin laden recognized Sulaiman’s value as a “fiery speaker” and an important religious scholar. Sulaiman is the highest-ranking officer facing trial on U.S. soil since the attacks. But was said to be a small-time figure in the world of international terrorism. Ghaith lawyer Stanley Cohen said in his opening statement said that the prosecution’s case was built of fear and alarm rather than real evidence. Ghaith pleaded not guilty last year sat in court Wednesday march 5th 2014 in a dark suit listening to the opening statements through an interpreter. On Wednesday FBI agent James Fitzgerald who is said to be a terrorism expert spoke to the jury of nine women and three men and six alternates. They viewed some still images and also watched a short video of Ghaith and bin laden after the 9/11 attacks. Fitzgerald did a direct examination of Ghaith and ended up agreeing that there is no direct evidence linking Ghaith to 9/11 or any other terrorist threats to America. After a little bit some of the jurors were dismissed after they said it wouldn’t be possible for them to be fair because they knew people killed in the world trade center. Ghaith was a high school teacher in Kuwait before he was banned for sermons to attack the government. After he was banned he joined al Qaeda sometime in 2001. The last months before 9/11 he spent recruiting people for bin ladens terror camps the indictment says. After the world trade towers had been hit Ghaith then started to serve as al Qaeda’s…