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Franklin Salvador
Dr. Cragen
Marketing Management
Oscar Meyer Case
1. What McGraw did was he ended up changing the viewpoint of his business. He changed the viewpoint because he knew that what he had many other companies didn’t have which was very experienced and fervent team members; team members that would have good inputs in their area of expertise throughout the company. He needs to keep his options and not only settling for one because if he does it the right way he can use his options to maneuver by use the right budgeting.
Strategic Decision Making Process
His problem he identified through the McTieman Reports
Input of managers helps with, cost, convenience, competitive analysis, and customers
Situation Analysis (Analyzes the organization’s internal and external environment to understand capabilities).
Proposed solutions of analysis
2. He had considered that all four managers where highly experienced. He was also sure that the solutions they came up was in the best interest for the company. McGraw being the person he is knew that by considering all four he saved himself from the risking everything on one proposed recommendation. If he was to stick with one recommendation the wrong message would’ve been sent across about the belief of the company and how un-diversified they were. This would cause trust issues between the two organizations. He avoided further harm by keeping his options opened and not settling to just one and decided to take contributions from all four of the managers that ultimately results is coming up with a strategic plan.
3. Strengths:
Manufacturing and marketing skills
Building value-added brands
Financial positions
Market share
Not realizing consumer preferences in past years
The strength of the brand
Department Directions:
Consider Stagner’s idea and rebuild the brand by reducing prices
Need larger advertising budget
Attract customers from fellow