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A Glimpse of the Other Side
Oscar weekend. It isn’t something that many of us know a whole lot about. It seems to be almost shrouded in mystery, the people, the places, the lifestyles- are all unknown to the vast majority of the population. At the same time though, there is such an odd fascination with it, and that makes it unlike anything else, and special in a unique way. The concept of “Wallowing in complexity” is somewhat hard to grasp in this writing, but there are ways that it does exist. Smith talks about the lives of celebrities, and how the rich and/or famous see the world around them. With the first sentence, she makes clear her general impression of Hollywood and everything it represents, and in doing so, she changed the way I read her piece. Wallowing in complexity usually involves introducing a number of arguments that support multiple ideas in an effort to evaluate an idea, and in this writing I got more of an impression that the author didn’t pose many positives about the whole experience. Keeping this in mind however, there isn’t always a good side to everything, and there is always a chance that there really isn't a 'good side' and that Hollywood is really just inhabited by a bunch of self-centered, immature actors, actresses, and stars. Smith seems to put an emphasis on her idea that most of the people she encounters there are very fake and stereotypical. She generalizes frequently, saying "Hot girls in bikinis and their jock guys" implying that…