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The project client proposed is the Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health.
The OSH Museum, as it will be referred to henceforth, was established in 2012. It aims to create an open environment for the education and enlightenment of the institution history and, more importantly, mental health.
Currently, the OSH Museum is operating on, and updating, a five year strategic plan. Part of this plan is to more accurately, and with greater detail, report financial ongoings of the museum.

Compare to at least 3 other museums in Oregon-financial analysis Capital budgeting project for virtual museum
Canadian virtual museum-larger scale
Operating budget (not including salaries)
Sponsorships, grants, and taxpayer dollars Marischal virtual museum
Total cost 248,000 euros
198,000 euros came from Joint IS Committee of Higher Ed
Pitt Rivers museum
2500 euros to design the template, and 500 euros to purchase camera for exhibit
Funding provided by university OSH Museum could also do a low-level, free virtual museum like the one from the Oregon Heritage Museum. This would simply include photographs, which the museum already has on file, and a short description of the item, which the museum also already has on file. This could be a great way for people to search artifacts online, find some artifacts they would like to see in person, and come to the museum with a purpose. This free virtual museum could also be accompanied by a PayPal link where people can donate for viewing. Additionally, the museum can use the virtual museum as a test for artifacts not currently on the museum floor—the museum has dozens of these artifacts, and patrons could give feedback on what they would like to see. This could also lead to a rotating exhibit, which the museum needs in order to gain repeat customers.
Capital budgeting project for travelling exhibit
South Dakota Historical Museum fees:
$80 rental fee for up to 8 weeks plus shipping = 6.5*80 = $520 Travelling exhibits are common for museums to loan out to schools, nursing homes, etc. They can be fairly simple, like a tri-fold display, or complex, where actual artifacts are delivered. The OSH Museum believes the constituents would get the most from artifact delivery, which is more expensive for the museum to pursue but also will carry a higher price for renters. Membership Information the median cost per visitor to museums in 2009 was $31.40—and the median non-member adult admission fee is only $7.
According the Alliance's last financial survey (2009) , over 90% of museums collect membership fees (59% have general adult admission fees).Earned income is typically about 28% of a museum's support, and membership fees are the single largest source—bringing in a median of about 5.6% of operating income.
There are three ways to increase revenue - individual donations (accounting for 7% of revenue), third-party funding (approximately 9%) and shops and services revenue (7%). Because people like free services, like free wifi same. Museum Costs as we know “exhibitions are more and more expensive.Costs related to artworks transport have drastically increased. the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco – that combined many resources, such as transportation items. For example,The co-production allowed them to save 65% of this item initial budget.
Another mode is jointly organized an exhibition in collaboration between several museums, this model is economically advantageous because of its cost pool and allows the production and sales of scientific and technological innovation. For example, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Art has been a pioneer in the