Essay Osim

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Table of Contents

1. Introductions Page 2

2. Situation Analysis a. Micro Factors Page 2-3 b. Macro Factors Page 4-5

3. SWOT Analysis Page 5-6

4. Issue Analysis Page 7

5. Recommendations Page 7

6. Conclusions Page 7

7. Referencing Page 8


OSIM the well establish Asia healthy life style brand, originated from Singapore. OSIM was founded by Dr Ron Sim Chye Hock in November 1980. Initially derive from R Sim Trading which deal mainly with household appliance. Dr Ron Sim Chye Hock later founded OSIM and eventually changes his focus to creating healthy life style products since he felt a great market potential in home care
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Since the other two major substitutes are OGAWA and OTO, consumer tends to purchase products that are cheaper with a reputable brand name. However, with OSIM high product quality, achievements and awards the threat of substitute is moderately low as consumers are well aware of what OSIM are known for. OSIM can reduce the threat of substitute by improving her customer loyalty. (osim,
Customers – OSIM originated from Singapore, a first world country strategically place in South-East Asia, OSIM can use it to their advantage. From word of mouth by someone we know. We are reminded that OSIM offers quality products that had helped people. Having its headquarters in Singapore, OSIM uses this opportunity to exploit Singapore high standards of living and also its world class airport. These customers are the most important resources that significantly affect any company. The issue OSIM is facing is that not every individual need to purchase OSIM products as it can be shared. Most of OSIM massaging chairs are purchased and shared within a household. This causes OSIM some problems as these limits the sales of OSIM products.

Macro Factors
Political Factors – The political factor that will benefits OSIM is the government intention to increase Singapore population to 6.9 million by 2030 will widen the market and adversely increase OSIM sales (straitstimes).
Economic Factors – A