Osmosis And Water Potential Lab Answers

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Science practice:

perform data analysis and evaluation of evidence

Work with scientific explanations and theories

Use mathematics properly

Use representations and models to communicate scientific phenomena and solve scientific problems

Plan and implement data collection strategies appropriate to a particular scientific question Skills:

5. B
Refine observations and measurements based on data analysis

6. B
Construct explanations of phenomena based on evidence produces through scientific practices

2. A
Justify selection of mathematical routine to solve problems

1. E
Re-express key elements of natural phenomena across multiple representations in the domain

4. A
Justify the selection of the kind of data needed to answer a particular scientific question Reference:

“Osmosis and water potential lab #1”

“Why are cells small?”

“Osmosis and water potential lab #2”

“The use of glucose in respiration “

“who is the father?” Evidence:

As the sucrose molarity in the beakers increased the percent change in mass decreased

The cell size and surface area increases together as the ratio becomes smaller

The .8 color solution had a final mass of 16.29g and the initial mass was 17.37g. So we did 16.29-17.37 x 100\17.39 which gave us -6.217%
When glucose is oxidized by cellular respiration, energy is released.
Atp - adp

Our data consisted…