Research Investigation On Osmosis

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1. Provide the aim and background information

2.1. Diffusion is the spontaneous kinetic movement by which molecules move from an area of a high concentration to an area of low concentration. Diffusion continues until it reaches equilibrium. Osmosis is similar to Diffusion but it’s the process in which water moves across a semi-permeable membrane and goes to the higher concentration of solute.1

2.2. Important factors to Osmosis and Diffusion include Temperature, Concentration and Surface area to volume ratio. Temperature can affect the rate in which a solute dissolves in a solution, higher temperature faster rate of Osmosis. This is caused by the molecules movements being faster in higher temperatures. Concentrations are
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4. Discuss the experiment and relate it to a real life organism

5.16. Plants use osmosis to absorb the nutrients required to sustain themselves from the water in the soil, they do this by using their roots which has a cell wall as well as a plasma membrane. The cell wall is a strong and rigid structure that is used by the cell to create osmotic pressure within the cell. This allows the plants to contain high amounts of water pressure which also helps in giving the plant its shape. If particles are added to the plant then the osmotic pressure would decrease causing the plant to lose its support become limp and shrivelled. Diffusion in a plant cell is the kinetic movement of water, minerals, C2 and CO2 as well as other substances/molecules through the plant until it reaches equilibrium.2

5.17. Diffusion provides the plant with equilibrium ensures the plant has even distributed minerals through its body, it’s also used in photosynthesis of the plant it provides leaves with the needed nutrients for synthesizing glucose and natural sugars. Osmosis is the absorption of water through the plants root cells which occurs by the plants cells having a higher mineral content then the soil causing osmosis to occur. Osmosis also elevates liquid to the leaves of the plant.2

5.18. Osmosis and Diffusion are evident in both plants and the experiment. Both involve higher concentrate moving into lower